Photo by Rachel Saddedine                  

Datura-alchimilia creates the brand Absainte in 2014 with for ultimate desire to sublimate the women by the creation of harness-jewels.

Her constant curiosity and her experience within various prestigious brands, urged her to learn to mix various techniques allying sewing and assembly of jewels.

Her obsession: Having one accessory assists skin between lingerie and the jewel which is esthetic and especially pleasant to wear.

Her creative spirit brings Datura to propose harnesses-jewels multi - positionnables and adjustable for every morphology.

The graphic and symmetric structures evoke the future, the perfection and the sublimation of the body. Absainte's jewel is worn such a physical extension and are created to bring a timeless elegance so timeless as well as a freedom of movement.

A big importance for the use of materials of exceptions is granted for one to offer a quality deserving of her customers. Proof of requirement and quality, all the model of Absainte are hand-made in her workshop in Paris.