Why a single size adjustable?

All Absainte Paris parures have been studied to follow the curves of your body whatever your morphology. "Our silhouette changes, it is important that the ornaments can evolve with us" Datura.A.

The adaptable size makes it possible to adjust the adornments closer to your body for a better comfort.

The settings are located at strategic points, underbelly, waist, hips, bust height ... everything is studied to adapt to each morphology. By adopting this know-how, Datura A wishes to release standards of pre-defined sizes.

A beautiful way to say that we are all wonderful and that beauty is not measured with a measuring tape.

Why are manufacturing delays so long?

All Absainte Paris jewelery is made by hand and on order.

Following this, the pieces go to a Parisian gilding craftsman to be sublimated.

We do not work on stock, the parts you receive are made for you once the order is placed.

For Absainte, it is essential that our customers have a piece they have never worn or tried.

This is a pledge of quality in which Absainte Paris is committed.

How to maintain my jewelry?

All Absainte Paris jewelery is entrusted to the best gilding craftsmen in Paris.

All metal parts are gilded with 24 carat gold (buckle, rings, chains, rivets ...) "Gold plated" means that the gold layer is less than 3 microns, so it is preferable not to put them in the water.

The adornments are delivered in an organza pouch and / or box. We advise you to use them to store them individually.

To prevent chains from getting entangled, we strongly advise you to close all fasteners before storing them in their cases.

To keep your Absainte P ornaments, we recommend:

- Protect them from scratches

- Keep them individually protected from moisture in their case

- Avoid contact with water - Avoid contact with perfumes or cosmetics

- Do not use cleaning products or solvents

- Do not wear your jewel when you practice a physical activity

- Do not keep it to sleep. Your trimmings will normally skate over time.

If you want to revive the shine of these, we recommend using a soft, non-wet cloth, without any product, and rub gently. * For elastic, you can clean it by hand with soapy water, taking care to remove all the chains beforehand.

Depending on the acidity of the skins, it is possible that the jewelry gilding deteriorates more or less quickly.

If you wish to do it again by us, please contact us at the following address: contact@absainte.com, we will then establish an estimate according to the adornment to gild.

All Absent trimmings are handcrafted in our workshop.

These are delicate pieces of equipment, so we recommend appropriate use for them.