Absainte, designer of desire...

Absainte is born from the desire of its designer , Datura Alchimilia, to sublimate the body of every woman by creating a harness and body jewelry line that can adapt to all body types.

Each accessory is envisioned as a hybrid creation between lingerie and jewelry, allowing the body to move without hindrance, draped in a captivating game of chains that emphasize the body's curves to reveal all the femininity and sensuality.

Datura has designed each jewelry harness like an intimate language between the woman and her body.

Every element of her creations weave a subtle web, composed of golden or silver chains, depending on the materials used by the designer.

Absainte‘s collections are stories told for our senses, inviting women to awaken their imagination. Each piece has been designed to offer a multitude of variations that can be worn directly on the skin or as an accessory to give it a twist to any style.

The creative spirit of Datura and her experience for prestigious Parisian brands, allowed her to develop and master various techniques of sewing and assembly, to offer a quality, innovative and comfortable product.

Absainte’s collections are entirely handmade by the designer in her Paris studio.

Absainte designer of desire …..